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5 Home Treatments To Get Rid Of Piles Permanently

Don't think for a second that the daily discomfort that comes with piles (or hemorrhoids) will become a natural part of your life. Successfully getting rid of piles (in most cases) boils down to putting effective home treatments into practice as early as possible, as well as making the necessary lifestyle adjustments you may need to make in order to stimulate healing and prevent a future piles problem.

When I was suffering with piles I relied too heavy on prescribed relief creams and hoped for the best in terms of a recovery. This is not the best way to go about things. If you can prioritise some changes and make improvements in terms of diet, general health, hygiene, better bowel movements and some simple remedies like a regular soothing sitz bath, then you will see a difference (often in a short space of time). These are things you really ought to be doing for any external or internal piles problem. It may take some commitment and effort, but this is the best way to get rid of piles naturally and permanently. You may avoid the need for surgery if you can take action on some simple home remedies for piles.

1. Constipation and Better Bowel Movements

Piles have a tendency to flare up particularly if you find you have trouble passing stools. There is a strong link between piles and constipation. Persistent straining during bowel movements creates the kind of pressure that can lead to (or aggravate) this problem. The habitual practice of trying to pass overly hard and poorly formed stools causes friction that creates damage over a period of time.

2. Diet

As a result, you need to readdress what you eat, as well as any poor lifestyle habits that are contributing to a situation where bowel movements are repeatedly difficult (and perhaps the main cause of this problem). One of the main themes of a piles friendly diet is to make sure you are getting enough fiber. The idea is to make your stool more soft, less hard, and easier to pass. Even though fiber can make your stool more bulky (which is maybe unhelpful) in moderation (and if you consume enough fluids.. 6 - 8 glasses of water per day) more fiber can help you create softer stools that will definitely help with any constipation issues that may be causing or aggravating the hemorrhoid.

Best Foods

You need to boost your diet with plenty fruits and vegetables (remember to include lots of leafy green vegetables), along with nuts and oats. Any pasta, rice or bread should be whole wheat or whole grain (making the meal higher in nutrients and fiber).

Worst Foods

All the usual suspects like alcohol, high sugar, hydrogenated fat and processed convenience foods need to be cut out, or seriously minimized in order to help yourself get rid of piles naturally, through the healthy healing foods your diet is now based on.

3. Hygiene

After bowel movements, Instead of using harsh dry toilet paper, you should make use of infant wipes or purpose made wipes containing witch hazel. Make sure they contain no harsh ingredients and are fragrance free, which could cause a reaction.

4. Sitz Bath

Two or three times daily, run yourself a warm (not too hot) bath. Epsom salts is an excellent ingredient to mix into the water to help soothe any itching or irritation. This bath can be taken as a sitz bath, which is just a hip level bath, practiced in a bathtub of some kind, or sitz bath basin designed to fit on top of standard toilet bowls. A 10 - 15 minute soak is usually an ideal amount of time, but of course the water must be constantly in contact with the affected skin around the hemorrhoid.

5. Exercise

Exercise regularly in a gentle fashion, if you can. If your symptoms are bad, be careful not to cause further irritation through exercise. But if you can, a daily thirty minute walk will do you a lot of good. Exercising improves the circulatory system as well as the muscle tone in general. Exercising regularly will enhance general health, help eliminate toxins and boost your ability to get rid of piles quickly, as well as prevent them from recurring in future.