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Seemingly Harmless Bad Dental Habits

We all know about brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and regular dentist visits to maintain our pearly whites. However we might be unknowingly destroying our teeth with some common habits we and other people do everyday.

Chewing on Ice, Pencils, Ballpen caps Your teeth are made of enamel and dentin. When you chew on ice, you are putting a lot of pressure on your teeth and this wears down your enamel causing cracks or chips. When this happens and the dentin is exposed, that means that your teeth are weak and you may experience heightened sensitivity. Which is not comfortable. At all.

Playing sports with no Mouth Guard Mouthguards are made of plastic, polyurethane, or laminated thermoplastic. Mouthguards help cushion a blow and minimize its impact to your face which lessens the risk of injuries to your tongue, lips, and cheek lining as well as broken teeth. The best mouthguards are custom made by dentists. However, they may be costly. There are stock mouthguards or boil-and-bite types which are less expensive options. Mouthguards are important especially for people who wear braces to reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries.

Tongue Piercings Fractured teeth are the least of your problems with a tongue piercing. This is because tongue piercing often uses barrel earrings with heavy metal balls on both ends that may hit your teeth while you eat, sleep, talk, and chew on it. Piercings can also cause swelling of the tongue. So much that it may cut off a persons breathing. The tongue is covered in bacteria which may be introduced to the blood stream when the tongue is pierced and lead to infection. And it has been found in a study published in the January 2011 issue of Journal of Adolescent Health that stainless steel jewelry can accumulate more bacteria than plastics like Teflon.

Grinding Teeth Teeth grinding or bruxism can cause very small cracks in your teeths enamel which makes them prone to decay. Anthony Iacopino, DMD, PhD., dean of the University Of Manitoba Faculty Of Dentistry even points out that the habit can wear down the pointed surfaces of molars.

Cough Drops and Sweets Food with too much sugar are just plain bad for your teeth. Especially gummy sweets as they stick in the teeth keeping sugar as well as acids remain in contact with your teeth for hours. Cough drops are also loaded with sugar. The sugar in these stuff reacts with the sticky plaque that coats your teeth and bacteria converts sugar to acid that wears your tooth enamel.

Soda and Sports Drinks Even beverages are not exempt from being laden with too much sugar. Fizzy drinks have up to 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving and sports drinks have 12 grams of sugar per 12 ounce serving. If you really need to rehydrate, water is always the wisest choice.

Potato Crisps and Starchy Food Potato crisps debris stuck between your teeth for 20 minutes would already mean that acid is already attacking your teeth. And this can promote further damage as they are stuck there for longer periods of time and if you snack on them often. Always brush and floss when you can after eating starchy food and if not, at least drink water to wash some of the debris.

Try to remember if you have any of these habits or if you have done any of them at one time. Resolve not to do it again and break that habit. And no, it cant wait till the New Year.

What To Look For When Taking Into Consideration A Brand New Family Dentist In Bristol

Not all who call themselves a family dentist have the ability to fulfill the needs as well as inclinations of your family members. You need to take the time to examine a dental professional before making a decision. Right here are the top 5 things to try to find in a family dental practitioner:

Kid-friendly. Being a family dental expert implies that she or he should have the ability to cater not only to the grownups but to the youngsters as well. The children are commonly not easy to deal with. Many of them would be terrified of simply the mere sight of a dental expert, or merely have the tendency to be worried, makings them not able to stay still while going through the treatment. It is very important to locate a kid friendly dentist in Bristol or one who understands his or her way around youngsters.

Locate an orthodontist who does not only have the perseverance to deal with unmanageable kids, but who understands the best ways to make the youngsters feel safe and also at ease while having their teeth done.

Specialist in repair. Extraction is not the only remedy to a cracked tooth neither are dentures the only way you can have your pulled tooth replaced. In order for a family dentist to end up being a one-stop place for all the oral needs of a family, he or she need to be a specialist in restorative procedures such as crowns as well as bridges.

Crowns as well as bridges are prosthetic devices glued on the already existing teeth. They are advised if you are missing several teeth. Via the assistance of a family dental expert that focuses on restoration, crowns and bridges could make you feel like you have actually not said good bye to a tooth.

Focuses on general dental care. It is additionally worth noting that you do not go to a dental professional only when you have an issue with your tooth. You will need to get your teeth examined or cleaned every six months to keep them strong as well as healthy and balanced.

The best dental professional has to concentrate on services such as teeth cleansing, fillings, and also exams, and at the same time offer to use sealers, fluoride and other substances that aids in securing the tooth from breaking down.

Most recent in technology. A family dentist can best do the dental services that they provide with the use of up to date oral innovations. The modern technology, nonetheless, need not be intricate. Even the most basic devices can create the desired outcome if the family dental professional has appropriate expertise in making use of these devices and also recognizes their activities well enough to do them even if their eyes are shut.

Good reputation.You ought to not leave your orthodontic wellness or that of your children to a family dentist that does not have the qualifications for supplying good dental services. While it can help to ask around or to research concerning a family dental professional, it is still advisable to see this dentist personally. Find out on your own if he or she is a specialist that you can absolutely rely upon.


Look for a kid friendly dentist that could come to be a one-stop place for all the oral demands of your household. The most effective dental professional needs to focus on general services, corrective therapy, and pediatric dentistry. Ultimately, see to it that she or he has a good reputation.

The Advantages Of Having Freedom Smartscreen Motorised Installed

Enclosing a porch or patio with an insect screen is the best way to maximize its use, not just in summer but throughout the year.

Having a Freedom SmartScreen Motorised installed has a number of advantages especially for Australian homeowners looking to make the most of their space and keep the flying insects out.

Although weather conditions can varying throughout Australia in different states and territories, even in the milder climates there are flying insects that can cause disease and be a nuisance.

There are undoubtedly more insects around us in summer as the weather heats up, but even in winter insects such as flies can be really annoying.

In winter you can still keep those pests out by having your screen door installed. And in summer screen doors can help improve your home’s circulation while saving on the electricity bill by minimising the use of the air-conditioner.

A properly ventilated home is a pleasure in any season and with screens doors that are made of UV resistant materials, your family is also being protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun while your home enjoys beautiful natural light, also reducing your electricity consumption.

Screens are no longer the ugly, bulky models you may remember from the seventies. The slim and sleek design complements any home décor and with a variety of options available, there is a screen for every homeowners taste.

Retractable fly screens from provide a nice architectural element to your home and increase the value if you’re looking to sell. Because they are consistently innovating, Freedom Screens are a market leader.

Which Screen is Right for Me?

Finding the right screen for your home is easier than ever before, with many homeowners choosing the SmartScreen Motorised screen which provides the convenience of entertaining and dining in your outdoor space at the touch of a button, and without those nagging insects like flies and mosquitoes so common in Australia.

The SmartScreen Motorised screen is perfect for those larger openings like doors, patios, alfresco areas and garages because it spans up to 5 metres and is remote controlled.

The SmartScreen Motorised is convenient and easy to use, with remote control provided, so elderly members of your family, as well as children can easily open and close the screens as desired.

The screen system uses quality motor and control systems by Somfy technology together with premium quality, Australian manufactured aluminium for the frame. This screen is available in a number of insect mesh varieties or Soltis blind material to suit your needs.

Freedom Screens have been tested at an accredited NATA Laboratory so they are durable and strong enough to withstand harsh Australian weather, including wind, rain, hail, extreme heat and sunshine. Providing protection from the sun, wind and other elements, Freedom Screens such as the SmartScreen Motorised screen were designed to be long lasting and visually appealing.