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Take Your Child to a Children's Dentist

It is often difficult to convince most children to visit a children’s dentist or a pediatric dentist. There are children who shudder in horror at a mere mention of a dental appointment. While it seems there’s no difference between a regular or general dentist and a pediatric dentist, the latter has additional two to three years training to learn the behavior of children. The training teaches the pediatric dentist to make the children feel at ease whenever they meet him. Some pediatric dentists already practice general dentistry before they went through the training to become a pediatric dentist. The training taught them how to deal with the different behaviors and moods of children, how to calm the children and make them comfortable, and give them a pleasant dental encounter. Children are not too young for teeth whitening. General Dentist vs. Pediatric Dentist The children’s dentist attained the same level of education as the general dentist. Both dentists are equipped with the right knowledge in treating a person’s teeth. Both dentists are capable, but when it comes to dealing with a child the pediatric dentist is more capable than a general dentist. Expect that a child will make a fuss no matter how calm he was when he arrived at the dental clinic. When the child asked about the procedure that the dentist needs to perform, the general dentist might not be able to explain it clearly and might even cause alarm to the child. The general dentist might not be able to say it using simple words that the child could understand. A pediatric dentist, on the other hand, has been trained to handle such situation and knows what to do to satisfy the curiosity of the child without instilling fear. He knows how to ease the child’s anxiety, and perform the necessary dental procedure with ease. He also knows how to handle one of the most difficult patients – the toddler. If your child needs a dentist, then take him to a children’s dentist and no one else. This Santa Rosa Dentist is happy to work with children.