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What Is Integrative Oncology And The Associated Benefits

There are times when cancer can be so debilitating that individuals choose to stop radiation and chemo all together so they are not in overwhelming pain. However, one can choose to get integrative oncology allowing patients to be much more comfortable nowadays.

It helps individuals deal with all facets of their cancer and it copes with the physical along with the emotional.

Patients are helped by it with positive thinking. Studies have shown that positive thought goes a long ways in helping patients improve faster. It also seems to lower the odds of a relapse

Integrative oncology definition: it is remedy that combines conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation with encouraging treatments like acupuncture, chiropractice, nutrition therapy, herbal medicine and even spiritual support. These are made to help patients deal with the psychological and bodily side effects of the treatments. Patients are able to heal faster and the most useful point relating to this approach is the chances of the cancer returning are lower.

Integrative oncology has many benefits, let's review a few of them here. It is helpful not only during treatment but also later when a patient may want emotional support and coping mechanisms .

Integrative oncology isn't just about the individual. Frequently, when somebody gets cancer their whole family will be changed. They'll be anxious about whether their loved one is in pain, whether they are going to live or die and what they are able to do to help.

All these points may lead to depression which means that family members aren't totally accessible to supply the household and support that is certainly desired. Integrative oncology helps strengthen the body while undergoing treatments which helps ease the anxiety other family members may be feeling. A person undergoing these treatments will get essential instructions and counseling and if the patient is not going to make to it, they are prepared by them for that as well. It additionally helps couples deal with intimacy and relationship issues that are as a result of one of them getting cancer. Here are a few typical oncology treatments that physicians are using now:

Massage therapy

Massage is helpful in working with things like stress and pain which frequently accompany traditional cancer treatments. Frequent massages may also help to promote more healthy cells .


Exercise is vital in helping reduce the risk of cancer from returning and also for ensuring a patient doesnt get other lifestyle diseases.


Acupuncture seems to be most useful in supporting cancer patients who deal with nausea. This is a big issue for those undergoing radiation and chemo.

These are mainly useful for encouraging positive thought which reduces the risk of relapses and helps accelerate healing.


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