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Things To Know Before Choosing A Physical Therapy Clinic.

Any kind of injury can be frustrating, annoying, and time consuming. What happens after a serious injury? Most often than not, you have to go through a process of Physical Therapy to get your injured area back up to speed with the rest of your body especially if its an injury that has caused a loss of functional mobility.

Choosing your therapist could be just as painful as your injury! Taking a few minutes to read through some of these guidelines should help you make your decision just a bit easier.

· Do you specialize in my condition?

It is wise to ask if your therapist is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist. If this is the case, your doctor has passed thorough testing and has spent countless hours treating a specific area or condition.

If you have a child who needs therapy, for example, you may want to find a pediatric specialist. Orthopedic clinical specialists are better for knee or hip pains, and a geriatric specialist may be the best option for an older patient.

· Is my insurance accepted?

Asking this question before anything is highly recommended. It may sound like a simple question, but there are so many patients that failed to ask beforehand which lead to a big headache, and big out of pocket expenses. Before going to any physical therapy clinic, like for example "Fysiotherapie Suri", get this cleared and out of the way. Double check yourself to avoid any confusion, and ask your insurance provider.

· Do you have a no-show policy?

Make sure you are aware of the clinics no-show or cancellation policy. Many times, clinics have a 24 hour notice policy. Understanding the therapists policy can potentially save you from having to pay fees.

· How many patients do you currently have?

This is strictly personal. Some patients may not want to have a group therapy type of session, and prefer the more personal and private sessions. This is important to know in case you prefer the latter.

· Will I be assigned to one therapist?

Some clinics have more than one therapist, and may not prioritize assigning one therapist to one patient. If you would prefer to build a therapeutic relationship with a specific therapist, this would be something important to emphasize to your provider. Sometimes this is a good idea to avoid having to explain every session youve experienced to other therapists, and potentially saving a lot of time.

If this is your first time searching for a physical therapist, this may be an overwhelming experience. Asking a few simple questions before choosing a therapist clinic could improve your physical therapy experience.


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