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The Little Known Way To Get A Fitness "edge" On Your Competitors

When it comes to sport, whether you are an Olympic Athlete or a backyard warrior, there is always a way to improve your results, to get an edge on the competition.

There are many obvious ways to improve your performance such as gym work, regular exercise and peak nutrition. Some even use supplements, often of dubious repute. All of these, plus mind training to focus on results all help put you above the crowd.

As well as this, a good athlete will have a coach who will hone their skills to a high level. The trick to performance is having basic skills automated, so you can think more about strategic matters. If you have ever competed against someone of a high standard, you will notice as soon as you make your move they are already waiting for it. They seem to read your mind in advance. This is why Tennis players can return impossible serves. They are moving before the ball is even struck.

Let's assume you have the perfect coach, training regime and supplementation program. Is there any more that can be done apart from engaging a Sports Psychologist. Well there is and the answer is Zeolite.

When we exercise our muscle fiber is torn. Over time it reconnects. This is called recovery. As we age this process is slower, which is why older athletes can't perform to the same level or recover as fast as younger people. The recovery is determined by ATP levels in the muscle.

If heavy metals, particularly Mercury, are present in the body, they attach to the cells forming the muscle fiber and restrict the uptake of APT, slowing down recovery and perhaps causing unnecessary injuries. Unless removed, they can eventually cause permanent damage.

This is where Zeolite comes in. Zeolite, particularly in its activated liquid form, has the ability to scavenge toxins and heavy metals from the boy including muscle tissue. This frees up the ATP receptors to do their job and speeds up recovery after exercise. The result is superior performance and faster recovery.

There is a study of 300 athletes which clearly demonstrated improvement after just a few days taking Activated Liquid Zeolite. The saying goes, "300 Athletes can't be wrong".

Learn more about Liquid Zeolite and its effect on sports performance

There you have it. Just when you thought you had run out of ideas, there is something else that is cheap, easy to take, and risk free that can give you the edge in whatever sport you are engaged in.


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