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The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Dental procedures are usually accompanied by pain, bleeding, and swelling. It is not surprising, then, that many individuals hesitate to visit their dentist regularly.

Dentists need the traditional dental drill to do most dental treatments. Using the drill requires the use of force, vibration, and heat to cut both soft and hard tissues (gums and teeth). Its use results in a lot of discomfort and pain, which require the use of pain medication in most cases.

With the advent of laser dentistry, however, going to the dentist does not necessarily mean having to experience pain. An increasing number of dental patients are now enjoying the benefits associated with laser dental treatments.

What are the more common laser dentistry benefits?

Less Pain

Laser dentistry does not make use of drilling, heat, or pressure. Thus, there is no pain involved. Dentists do not even need to use anesthesia on their patients before starting certain dental treatments. With the reduced need for the traditional drill or scalpel, there is less bleeding, reduced post-operative pain, minimum inflammation, and a smaller number of numb lips.

Accurate and Precise Dentistry

When dentists have to deal with the decay of tooth enamel (one of the hardest substances in the human body), they often inadvertently affect the areas surrounding the gum and bone tissue involved. Not with laser dentistry, though. The state-of-the-art technology enables dentists to work with high-level precision, and accuracy that allow them to keep the healthy gums and teeth of their patients untouched.

Fewer Traumas

The use of high-speed dental drills often results in hairline fissures and fractures in your teeth, ultimately causing dental issues later on. Laser dentistry minimizes such problems. It does not undermine healthy dental tissues. Moreover, wounds heal faster and tissues are able to regenerate more quickly.

Reduced Inflammation and Bleeding

Laser dentistry requires minimal incision. Gum procedures are performed with minimal or no bleeding. There is also less post-operative inflammation.

Few and Quick Dental Visits

Laser dentistry does not require the use of anesthesia or shots. Thus, a visit to the dentist entails less time. Your dentist can do all the necessary cavity preps in a single visit. Moreover, with laser dentistry, he can now do many dental procedures that only specialists could perform before. Thus, going to the dentist is no longer as time-consuming and challenging as it used to be.

Many Dental Applications

Laser dental technology covers a wide range of dental applications. A dentist trained in laser dentistry can perform an extensive array of soft and hard tissue procedures. He can do bone and gum surgery, smile rehabilitation, root canal, cavity preparation, decay elimination, and many other procedures.

Comfort and Less Anxiety for You

All these laser dentistry benefits ultimately spell more comfort, and less worry on your part. Going to the dentist is no longer associated with extreme pain, anxiety, bleeding, post-operative swelling and throbbing, and many other similar unsettling issues. With laser dentistry, you can be more relaxed, and less frightened about visiting your dentist in Rockville MD.


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