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The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

As a clinically certified hypnotherapist and owner of Brighter Life Hypnosis since 2009 I am often asked, What are the benefits that can be obtained through hypnotherapy? The simple answer is the benefits can be many. Read on to learn how you too may benefit from hypnotherapy.

The use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy to treat certain medical conditions is now being considered by many as a healthy alternative to drugs and medications. A hypnotherapist helps the patient to bypass the critical factors of their mind, allowing the examination of the sub-conscious mind.

For those who are still skeptical about this alternative treatment, here is a list of some of its benefits:

Better Pain Management

Chronic pain is the common symptom of illnesses like migraine, cluster headaches, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. There are no specific cures for these conditions and medications are used to just ease the physical symptoms. Hypnotherapists teach patients the techniques to perform self-hypnosis.

The guided relaxation technique helps by reducing the length of the attacks and by increasing the time intervals between episodes. This allows the patient to experience longer periods of being free from pain. However, hypnosis has to be performed only after the doctor makes a definite diagnosis of a patients condition.

Promote a State of Deep Relaxation

Simple meditation with hypnosis exercises help bring about complete relaxation of the mind and body. Constant practice helps enhance ones creativity and improve problem-solving skills. It also helps a person to become less irritable and reduces the risk of developing more serious health problems.

Helping With Sleep Disorders

Insomnia, wakeful sleep, nightmares, sleepwalking, and inability to reach REM sleep are just some of the sleeping disorders that can be treated by hypnotherapy. These disorders should not be simply shrugged off because they may lead to obesity and addiction to medications. Most of these medications are geared toward stimulating the body to keep it active despite exhaustion due to lack of sleep.

Most of these conditions are associated with psychological conditions. Hypnosis exercises are designed to treat these certain conditions while allowing the patient to experience deep relaxation to help rejuvenate the body.

Recovery of Memories

All memories and experiences of an individual, whether good or bad, are stored in an area in the brain. Some of these memories may have been deliberately set aside, and there are others that have just been forgotten through time. The use of hypnotherapy can aid in remembering these memories, should there be a need to.

There are medical conditions that may be related to past traumatic experiences that the patient might have chosen to block off from his memory bank. These memories have to be revisited if only to understand an individuals current thoughts and behaviors. Most trauma patients have deeply-seated anger and pain that may be causing some problems today. Hypnosis would be able to help the patient deal with these memories.

Some also use hypnosis to retrieve old and happy memories that a person may have forgotten as a result of an injury or accident.

Weight Loss and Management

Hypnosis is now used to help in weight loss and in the maintenance of ones ideal weight. Fitness experts and hypnotherapists are aware that hypnosis can be extremely effective as a weight loss tool versus just trying to change ones eating habits. The aim is to limit cravings and zero in on psychological aspects of overeating.

Sharon Altman CHt, MSW is a certified hypnotherapist based in Rochester NY.


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