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Return To Your Usual Active Lifestyle By Treating Your Back Pain Through Chiropractic Care

About half of Americans experience back pain symptoms every year. For a working person, developing and enduring such symptoms does not only mean disturbed work. It can also mean frequent missed work and increased visits to their doctor to get the relief needed for them to work comfortably again. As a health issue, several factors can cause this pain, including poor posture, obesity, acute damage, injury, bone loss, arthritis or internal organ disease. The good thing is various treatment options are now available for sufferers. The treatments range from medications to alternative and natural treatments like chiropractic care and surgery. In all these, the Journal of the American Medical Association recommends that chiropractic care must be the first means of treatment that sufferers should choose as a primary treatment of back pain.

Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain

Chiropractic care works by diagnosing and treating the health problem and using spinal manipulation to provide relief. Spinal manipulation is considered as the foundation of chiropractic care, but this is not the only technique used by chiropractors today. It is a treatment that can help lower back pain sufferers whose cases are caused by medical conditions like pancreatic cancer and sciatica. The treatment works by realigning the muscular structures and bones. Oftentimes, spinal manipulation is also done together with massage therapy to boost the positive effects of the spinal adjustment. Using the two treatments together can help achieve the following results: * Increased circulation * Reduced inflammation * Reduced muscle tension

As an effect, it allows the muscles to provide better support to the bodys skeletal structure. The treatment also helps in bringing the bones back to their original positions, which is essential in relieving the pain experienced by sufferers.

Spinal Manipulation for Back Pain Caused by Injury or Accident

These occurrences commonly cause the muscles to shift when a bone is moved in its original position. With the treatment, the bones and muscles are effectively placed back on their original positions. Once this is done, regular treatments will be recommended to help with its continuous healing and to ensure that the muscles and bones will remain in place. Chiropractic treatment is generally a safe and effective means of treating back pain, but it is considered to work more effectively in treating sufferers with sub-acute and chronic back pain. Although arthritis is a common cause of this condition, the treatment is not recommended for certain body parts that are affected by severe arthritis. If in Sonoma County look for a quality Santa Rosa Chiropractor by researching online reviews.


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