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How To Choose A Good Local Dentist

Whether you have moved into a new area or its just time for a change away from your current dentist, these are the essential things to know and consider. Choosing a good dentist can help prevent wasted time, added pain and needless expense. Learning how to avoid the wrong dentist for you and your family is priceless.

Here are some great tips to pay attention to when youre in your selection process.

Do they have the right Degrees

First of all, whichever dentist you end up choosing make sure they are a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. All practitioners of dentistry will definitely have one of the following degrees; either a DMD, (Doctor of Dental Medicine), or a DDS, (Doctor of Dental Surgery).

By verifying that the dentist you are reviewing has one of these degrees tells you that they have gone through the appropriate training and achieved a top notch education. There are some dental schools that differ in which of the two Degrees they award, either one works.

Dental Benefits Become familiar with the benefits of your dental health plan. In some cases, your dental health plan will determine the pool of dentists from which you can make a selection. Dental HMOs for example will limit your selection which ultimately has to come from HMO networks. What can create a variance in the copayment amount you pay is when having a PPO plan and you visit a network dentist.


Take the time to question your family and friends, coworkers or neighbors on how they feel about their current dentist. Ask what it is that they like about them or maybe not like so much. Another option is to ask your current doctor for a referral as well.


You should be considering accessibility as well. Think about whether you would like your dentist either close to your home residence or maybe closer to where you work. You should already have in mind the blocks of time that will work as far as appointments go for you and your family and ensure this works for the dental office as well.

Is it important for your dentist to hold office hours on a Saturday? Another good question to ask the dentist is how far out in advance will you need to schedule regular visits such as cleanings.


Schedule a consultation. Once you have a short list of potential dentists after weeding some out from the other criteria, then look to schedule an initial consultation to gain further perspective. During that consultation, inquire whether or not they are part of organized dentistry associations such as AGD or ADA. Also, confirm which potential procedures are done in their office and which services are referred outside their practice.


Go through a post appointment evaluation and consider the following. Were the office personnel professional, friendly and courteous? Was their dental office clean and welcoming? Will they accept your current dental coverage? Is their practice child-friendly or is it an afterthought? Is it easy asking this dentist questions and did they answer openly?

Here is an example of a reputable local Dentist


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